Digital Braves Media Group Sdn Bhd

Digital Braves owns and operates several of gaming content sites in the region, we have media outlets in Thailand and Indonesia, and we are headquartered in Malaysia. We have a full-scale in-house team that conceptualizes origina and insightful news and reviews related to gaming and tech in both written and video formats. We abide by a strict
editorial code of ethics, striving to be fair, honest and transparent with gaming companies. Since our inception in 2013, we have worked with a variety of gaming brands around the globe. Currently, we hold the position as the only media company in Malaysia to produce gaming related content in three languages, as well as Thai and Indonesian.

Wanuxi (pronounced as want-you-see) is a leading gaming news content site in Malaysia. Covering gaming and entertainment related content, mainly serving the Mandarin Chinese audience. Currently the biggest Chinese gaming news portal in Malaysia.

GamerBraves covers gaming and entertainment news in English. Instead of focusing on a dedicated gaming platform, we pursue after gaming IPs instead. Our readership ranges from SEA countries to Europe and the U.S.

Gamer Santai is being established to serve the Bahasa readers in Malaysia. We cover topics ranging from games to anime. “Relak lah bro!”

GamerWK is one of the leading gaming news platforms in Indonesia. We are the main source of news for many other aggregators in Indonesia. We cover gaming news from Mobile, Console to PC.

Gamer555 is our gaming site in Thailand. The name “555” is a popular expression used in chats that means “hahaha”. Our aim is to deliver timely updates on the newest gaming news in Thailand